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Julia Staples: Under the Ash (11 Photos)

Julia Staples: Under the Ash (11 Photos)

 All Photos © Julia Staples.

Julia Staples, an Icelandic photographer, traveled to the foot of the volcano on occasion; the accompanying photographs are the result of one such trip.  Julia tells us, “No matter how hard the human will try to blanket himself from the world, from nature and its chaotic and destructive powers, he throughout his lifetime is repeatedly reminded that he indeed stands powerless against it; that he is merely clinging on to an illusion of controlling his environment and destiny. One such timely reminder is the Eyjafjallajökull glacier eruption. It is the second volcanic eruption Iceland has seen within the scope of a month, and while its capacity for destruction and disruption is vast, it is considered a small eruption, and it has yet to claim a single human life. And it is absolutely wonderful to look at.”

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  1. Fantastic pictures, gives one a sense of the enormity of this eruption (and this is considered a small one?!). Thank you for the pix!

  2. Your quote describing the desire to blanket oneself from the world…and the power yhat nature bestows provided the perfect backdrop for the photos that followed. Fantastical. thanks for your post.

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