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Barehanded Reverence (4 photos)

Barehanded Reverence (4 photos)

 © Holly Lynton.

“Les, Amber, Honeybees, New Mexico” is an image from Holly Lynton’s series titled “Barehanded”. Inspired by the locavore lifestyle that surrounds her in Massachusetts farm country, Lynton has gained a deep appreciation for spirituality. She is particularly drawn to people who face nature’s dangers with their own bare hands, such as bee keepers, who humbly show their respect for nature through their own vulnerability. To see more work from Holly’s series click here.

© Holly Lynton. Stephen, Mayflies, Oklahoma, 2008

© Holly Lynton. Skipper, Christian, Catfish, Oklahoma, 2008

© Holly Lynton. Turkey Madonna, Massachusetts, 2010.

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