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The Conversation Document of Edith Maybin (5 Photos)

The Conversation Document of Edith Maybin (5 Photos)

All photos © Edith Maybin

These images are part of a larger fine art series which Maybin has made of herself and her daughter combined as one. This particular series is photographed at night while Maybin’s daughter is asleep; these photographs of her daughter’s head and her own body are combined to make a chimera of persons. This discussion surrounds the topic of identity as a woman, mother and daughter.

Maybin’s images were inspired by artists Caravaggio, Vermeer, authors Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper”, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Madonna videos.

A continuation of this series is expected summer 2010. To see further images in this series visit edithmaybin.com

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