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Visions of the Decade: Richard Misrach’s On The Beach (5 Photos)

Visions of the Decade: Richard Misrach's On The Beach (5 Photos)

ON THE BEACH Untitled #394-03, 2003All photographs © Richard Misrach

PDN readers voted Richard Misrach’s 2007 book On The Beach one of the most influential books of the decade in a survey conducted for our January 30th Visions of the Decade issue. Taken from hotel room windows in Hawaii over the course of three years from 2002–2005, Misrach’s large-format photographs of beach scenes were published by Aperture in a beautiful oversize book.

“I was drawn to the fragility and grace of the human figure in the landscape,” Misrach wrote of the series. “My thinking about this work was influenced by the events of 9/11, particularly by the images of individuals and couples falling from the World Trade Towers, as well as by the 1950s Cold War novel and film, On the Beach. Paradise has become an uneasy dwelling place; the sublime sea frames our vulnerability, the precarious nature of life itself.”

Plate 13-Untitled #354-03, 2003
15 Untitled #166-02, 2002
Untitled #704-03, 2003
Plate 23-Untitled #642-02, 2002

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  1. Wow, that really surprises me. This book is really similar to Massimo Vitali’s work. There is an interesting article on Jorg Colbergs blog, when similar work becomes “too” similar, http://jmcolberg.com/weblog/2010/01/when_does_similar_become_too_similar.html

    I like the book but think Vitali’s is even better. Maybe it’s tougher for an Italian photographer to get the same love over here as a North American one, or just how we see and use photography differently. I think similarly that Bascilico blows Polidori away, IMHO.

    A Fan,

  2. A Fan,
    I don’t understand your comment. The two beach series seem to only have the beach in common. They give a completely different feeling. Both are great photographers though.

  3. I haven’t reciprocated with my blogs readers as significantly, maybe I can discover a thing from you. It all goes back to the lack of comments that I have, due to my own complacency and procrastination. So, kudos to you for recognizing the frequency of rewarding your loyal fans.

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