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Out From Behind The Camera (5 Photos)

Out From Behind The Camera (5 Photos)


All photos © Brian Ach

Brian Ach created “The Photographer Project” to raise money for fellow celebrity and entertainment photographer Paul Hawthorne, who fell ill in Fall 2008 with amyloidosis, a rare disease. The idea was to pull New York City-based celebrity photographers who regularly work the red carpet rope lines, event photographers and paparazzi into his Brooklyn studio for full length portraits, which Ach would turn into a book to benefit his friend. Sadly, Hawthorne passed away from complications of his disease on December 20, 2008. But Ach went on with the project anyway, and has just self-published the book. Proceeds from the sale will go to Hawthorne’s family. For more of the project check out Ach’s Web site, here.


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  1. dudes – is that the best you can do? If you have nothing positive to say why bother us with your pointless response. These are photographers helping out the family of a colleague who is sadly no longer a part of their life or world.

    I enjoyed the reading the answers and the images.

  2. Dudes: The project is comprised of over 60 photographers, who are men, women, white, black, asian, jamaican, British, French and other varied descents. This is representative of the people who do this work in NYC. If you had looked a little deeper into the work, you would have seen that for yourself. So, keep taking pictures of flowers and leave your comments to yourself.

  3. Dudes….why so bitter? so these guys are making it….worry about yourself a little more and these guys a little less( no matter their color….remember? it’s the content of their character, not their skin color?) …..what a chump.

  4. I just want to Thank Brian Ach again for making this wonderful and entertaining book in memory of my brother, Paul Hawthorne. Paul was one of those great photographers in Brian’s book. I wish Paul had been here to answer those questions that Brian asked the other photographers. Paul’s answers would have been funny and witty just like some of the others. The picture of Paul would have been very unique as well. Paul was definitely one of a kind. As we prepare for the one year anniversary of Paul’s death this Sunday, what a wonderful and timely tribute this book is. Thanks again Brian, you are a one of a kind, all around wonderful person. May God Bless you and your family this Christmas season.
    Love, Lori Hawthorne Pietrandrea (Paul’s sister)

  5. Since we’re on subject, Dudes may be on to something. Issue aside about the charity part, why did PDN choose 5 white guys to represent this? They could have mixed it up by having a woman or a black photographer to name a few.

  6. Grinch and Ladygaga: This is only a small sampling. There are over 60 snappers in the actual project, check out the website…there are actual WOMEN there and BLACK people too!

  7. Great Work Brian, Very cool project! Every family should be so lucky to have someone in their life who is willing to use their talent, personal, and professional networks to help in a time of need. It is a true blessing in the Christmas Season. I really enjoyed reading what the photographers had to say. Merry Christmas everyone~

  8. I couldn’t be more lucky than to have the support of this incredible group of people. I know some of them well and others I’ve never even met in person. But when my husband got sick, Brian put his incredible idea out there and they all rallied so quickly. They stepped away from the red carpet and their deadlines and their day-to-day stress and they did something simple and real and powerful for Paul, whose love of photography was endless. Would the people who work with you do something like this if your family was in crisis? I’ve never seen anything like it and probably never will. What a tribute. I’m humbled and grateful. I can’t wait to show the book to my young kids when they get a bit older. It will be a treasure of insights into their dad’s world and the friends who loved him.

  9. This whole thing is greater than the greater good. And to “dudes” -my friend at the top. WTF is the matter with you? What went wrong in your childhood? Did you have a childhood? Are you a still a child? A manchild maybe? If so, forgive me. I understand.

  10. What a shame that Dudes didn’t become a restaurant critic. It’s obvious Dudes never sold an image before. This book is awesome and I am so jazzed to see my colleagues celebrated for the amazing photogs and soulful people that they are! Thank You, Brian Ach, for shining some light on those supercool people who serve us some amazing imagery. Your portraits are so much fun!

  11. Great work Brian and to all who put this together! IMO Paul Hawthorne and the others we lost this year. Frank Mullen and AJ too. And Lady Gaga thank you for writing, as you may know AJ died this year while photographing you at the ACE Awards. I don’t know if AJ made the book but I remember his first big A-list placement when he beat out the pack at Letterman. He was on the only one on the right side of Madonna’s limo arrival and we had to really hustle to process the film, scan and ISDN it to make deadline.

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