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Consequences of Climate Change

Consequences of Climate Change

Jan Grarup/NOOR

©Jan Grarup/NOOR

Leaders from nations around the world are gathered this week in Copenhagen at a UN summit on climate change, and for a growing portion of the world’s population, an international agreement to address the problem can’t come soon enough. Shown here is an image from Jan Grarup’s recent story, “Darfur: A Climate Conflict.” The story is part of a group project called “Consequences” by nine photographer members of NOOR, who produced climate change stories from around the world to help raise awareness in Copenhagen. For more images and information about the project, see our interview with NOOR’s managing director here.

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  1. It’s an important topic and a grim, beautiful photo.

    Nonetheless, my inner twelve-year-old can’t resist pointing out that this picture contains both an ass AND a hole in the ground.

  2. And this picture shows so-called global climate change in what way? I wonder how much carbon these 9 photograhers expended in their world wide travels?

  3. Why does the horizon have to be tilted? Isn’t the subject uncomfortable enough already? That tilt is really annoying in this case.

    Have to echo Don and ask how this illustrates the results of climate change? This horse is starving because the it’s African owners do not feed it. They probably do not have enough food for themselves either and may be as bony as the horse. Or they just may not care that the horse is in such bad condition. Chances are good that these people do not know how farm, how to revitalize the depleted land, how to get a large enough crop for themselves and all their animals. This desolate land is not caused by climate change, it’s caused by farming ignorance. Farmers depleted the land and so it is nearly useless now. Worse, this land is apparently in a part of the world that was never very fertile to begin with (low rainfall, poor native soils centuries ago, before anyone began looking for climate change) so being exhausted of nutrients and moisture, it’s largely fallow.

    I applaud the photojournalistic initiative but it fails with this image.

  4. It’s true. The other animals are no where near as wasted as the horse, so it’s hard to make a climate change point with this shot. Still, there’s a lot of pain in the world, and this is one example.

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