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Manhattan – A Closer Look (5 Photos)

Manhattan - A Closer Look (5 Photos)

All photos © Tim Grimshaw

Above: The Empire State Building in New York City as viewed from the top of Rockefeller Center.

All of these photos were taken with a tilt/shift lens to control the depth of field. View more of Tim Grimshaw’s Manhattan series here.

Park Avenue.

The Flatiron building.

Central Park.

Traffic approaching the Queensboro Bridge.

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  1. Every time I see this style of photography it always surprises me how beautiful it portrays its subject. On this occasion choosing something so well known and vast as NYC and brining that ‘childlike dream’ of model railways and figurines. 5 wonderful shots.

  2. Nicely put Stephen. Very nice images. Tim has many more nice images if you follow that link as well.

    (and good luck with the Photographer of the Year Mikko)

  3. I’m kinda sensing a bit of that effect you can use to make the photo appear as if it’s of a model set rather than real life. It looks great either way! Good work.

  4. These look fake. Not in a ‘they’re clearly photoshopped’ sort of way but that they look like miniature fake versions of the city.

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