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Michael Jackson by Albert Watson

Michael Jackson by Albert Watson


© Albert Watson

“Michael Jackson,” taken 1999, printed 2000.

This image is on display as a 96″ x 58″ C-print as part of the exhibition “Who Shot Rock & Roll” at the Brooklyn Museum through January 31, 2010. Read a preview of the exhibition on PDNPulse.

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  1. Wow, I cannot tell you how much I actually hate this. It is quite obnoxious and hurts my eyes. I am sure that a lot of hard work was put into creating this and I applaud that effort but, sorry, overall I think it is crap.

  2. For those photographers who could not capture and produce good images, normally this is what they usually do. Just like a dish lack of ingradients, just make-dos, spoil everything for adding too much inappropriates.

  3. I kinda agree with greg. I like MJ and i also applaud the effort but the pictures is a tad too much.

    Its art. thats my opinion.

  4. I would like to thank Mr.Watson for speedcapturing Michael Jackson for his Invincible Photoshoot. Invincible was his last Studio CD to date and even though all the fans have half of the photoshoot in the CD jackets,when they go to the Brooklyn Museum in Crown Heights Brooklyn, They’ll get the full shoot. I’m going to see this very soon because I live in Brooklyn , I’ve been going to the museums several time and I know That it was almost the last place that Michael did his shoot for Ebony Magazine.and I know Michael’s spirit will be around for all his fans to enjoy what is shown at the museum at this time. Michael Jackson will be sorely missed by all his fans around the world but his legacy and gifts to the world will live on forever.

  5. This does hurt my eyes and yet the energy of this image goes far beyond the eye. This is an iconic piece of art. Michael Jackson is at once the archetypal “screwed up” male and the quintessential genius human. When he left this planet he mirrored the deeply troubled soul and the new-reality “artistic prodigy”. As he exited, his “vibe” of genius was released across the planet for all of us to breathe. A gift from his soul. A tragic end to a brilliant tale.

  6. I really love it. Not only because i love Michael. I am a Fan of Michael since the age of eight and these are one of my favorite pictures. There are other pictures, there are not this “confusing”.

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