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Australian Kestrels

Australian Kestrels

australian kestrels

© Steve Morenos

Steve Morenos photographed these Australian Kestrels at the Australian Reptile Park (ARP), Somersby, where he has been shooting for about a year. He writes:

“The Kestrels were just small chicks when they were found after being blown out of their nest during a severe thunderstorm. Handed in by a resident and hand reared by ARP staff the chicks took on their beautiful plumage as they grew rapidly.  I timed the shoot to coincide with new born animals. This gave me an opportunity to photograph them as they grew…quite incredible to witness.”

The image is part of Morenos’ ongoing photo shoot “Fotozoa.”  Ten of the images are part of a winning portfolio touring with the 2009 Sony World Photography Awards.

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  1. American Kestrels, aka sparrow hawks, are my favorite bird of prey. Beautiful when the babies grow up & their feathers are fresh & colorful. Thanx for this shot.

  2. Hi Gary,
    In the new year (2010) I’ll be changing and adding new images to my ‘fotozoa’
    page. To make the viewing experience far more pleasurable the watermarks will
    less visible.

  3. Incredible photo! These lovely birds look as though they’ve been “caught in the act” and have remorse for their deeds! It is wonderful !

  4. This is a truly wonderful photograph. It is so good to see people from back home producing such remarkable work! I’ll be watching Steve’s work more closely from now on…

  5. WOW….that is an amazing shot! Great work as usual Steve! Hope all is well and we’ll catch up soon. Truely any amazing photo which captures the awesome beauty of these birds…

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