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Paul Nicklen’s “Polar Obsession” (9 Photos)

Paul Nicklen's "Polar Obsession" (9 Photos)


All Photographs © Paul Nicklen / National Geographic

A young polar bear leaps between ice floes. Barents Sea, Svalbard, Norway. These photographs are from Paul Nicklen’s recently released book, Polar Obsession (National Geographic Focal Point, $50), the culmination of 15 years of work photographing wildlife in the arctic and Antarctica. The book celebrates the arctic and Antarctic ecosystems and discusses the urgent need to halt global warming, which threatens their existence. For more from Nicklen on Polar Obsession, see our recent interview with the photographer.

p028-29_potdA kittiwake soars in front of a large iceberg. Svalbard, Norway.


In the Arctic spring, meltwater channels drain toward and down a seal hole, returning to the sea.

Floe EdgeNarwhals dive deep under the ice to feed on Arctic cod, then return to the surface to breathe and raise their tusks high in the air. Lancaster Sound, Nunavut,

Leopard Seal Story

A gentoo penguin chick peeks, checking for patrolling leopard seals before tempting fate. Port Lockroy, Antarctic Peninsula.

Leopard Seal StoryA leopard seal feeds Paul Nicklen a penguin. Antarctic Peninsula.


A large bull walrus returns to the shores of Prins Karl Forland after diving and feeding on clams. Svalbard, Norway.

p077_potdMother bear and two-year-old cub drift on glacier ice. Hudson Strait, Nunavut, Canada.

WildlifeLooking towards an uncertain future, a huge male bear triggers a camera trap, taking his own picture. Leifdefjorden, Spitsbergen, Norway.

For more from Nicklen on Polar Obsession, see our interview with the photographer.

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  1. These are great photos of the polar region, I don’t know if I will have the chance to see these personally in the near future, and even so will they still be there considering their fate with the rising global temperatures.

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  5. Apparently some people think we can burn as much oil, throw away as much plastic and over-breed as much as we like and it won’t do anything to the planet.

    I think that’s quite sad.

    I am also very annoyed that people won’t believe scientists… when the same science gave us modern medicine, electricity, internet and more.

    And yet many of those same people believe in a made up God.


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