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Simon Roberts: We English

Simon Roberts: We English

We English

Keynes Country Park Beach, Gloucestershire, 2008, by Simon Roberts from his We English exhibit at Klompching Gallery in Brooklyn’s D.U.M.B.O. district. We English explores identity, attachment to home and the relationship between people and the land in England.

“In 2005, I spent a year traveling across Russia to produce Motherland, a book exploring the Russians’ attachment to their homeland. This attachment to place was somewhat mysterious–simultaneously profound and banal–and it led me to think about my own sense of belonging and memory, identity and place. We English became another journey, not quite as epic as that across Russia, but involving a 1993 Talbot Express Swift Capri motorhome, my pregnant wife, our two-year-old daughter and a 5×4 large-format camera.”
—Simon Roberts

We English is on view until October 24 at Klompching Gallery, 111 Front Street, Suite 206, Brooklyn.

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