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Nightmare Street

Nightmare Street


© Michael Petruzzi

Photo taken January 13, 2006, City of Chester, Pennsylvania.

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  1. It’s like something so textured that you could physically feel it as much as you feel it emotionally. Hopefully it will be part of the before pictures in Chester’s eventual exhibit on it’s turnaround! Mr. Petruzzi seems like a master of light and dark.

  2. This particular piece like so many other works of Mike Petruzzi feeds my fascination with the past-puts me in a contemplative state of mind.

  3. All of his work has a dream-like quality to it, much like David Lynch’s films. He also has a unique preservationist’s eye as much of his subject matter involves things that are about to meet the wrecking ball. It’s a good record of what we’re losing on the relentless march to progress.

  4. I have shared Mike’s work with many friends in the hopes that they too are as touched by his mastery of images, light and emotion as I have been. His level of artistry is a rare, evolved and truly prevocative gift! I encourage everyone to appreciate the passion, emotion and thoughtfulness he brings to his work so that we can all continue to be inspired and awed by his depth of talent.

  5. I own four of mike’s photographs and as an Interior design consultant have purchased quite a few for my clients.
    His work is positively exquisite.

  6. Wow – this is very dramatic. The light adds an interesting dimension to the photo, making one wonder about the history of the property. Intriguing . . .

    With the soccer stadium and a possible movie studio coming to Chester, perhaps there is hope for this city.

  7. This photograph quickly brings to awareness just how intricately lightness and darkness are entwined. It reminds us that even during the process of decay, the beauty of evolving life continues. The photographer provides an experience of movement, thought and form in Nightmare Street.

  8. This seemingly run down structure is made exceptionally distinctive by Michael…all of his images have a presence that evoke a mood and portray a setting of time and place in one still shot.

  9. An effective depiction of nightmare… Uncared for, past hope of redemption, slowly decaying into madness. But eerily beautiful.

  10. It’s as if the house were an old man’s face, weather-beaten and hoolowed out, and the limbs are his overgrown whiskers. The photo captures the delicious contrast of strength and will between the natural and the man-made. Great work Michael!

  11. Mike has an amazing eye. Something that most of us might pass by without noticing becomes an intriguing work of art when captured by Mike’s camera. His latest series of haunting images proves that he has an amazing talent for spotting the unique, the forgotten, the bizarre – not just the conventional images of beauty so common in the photography world.

  12. Good photography is not just technically fine but rather it transports your imagination! Mike’s work does that. His work is art in photograph. Check out his web site each work is a poem.

  13. Mike’s work is so evocative. As someone working in an art conservation, I love his images not only in and of themselves but also as documents of our recent and rapidly receding past.

  14. Michael’s work always amazes in his skill to photograph emotion….he has captured the sadness of a house once loved that has gone to ruin….the feeling of wanting to get through the trees and really “see” the house is palpable…

  15. Mike’s work truly stands out as individual and unique with a certain energy not experienced in most black and white photography

  16. Mike’s work reflects how deeply he feels about people and his surroundings. This photo called Nightmare Street, would be enormously expensive to re-create for a movie set. The art community is fortunate to have an artist with such tenacity and compassion to find subjects that are sometimes forgotten by society.

  17. This photo is named as it should be. The composition appears to have captured a video frame from a very bad dream. The house appears to have a facial quality that expresses the attributes of a black hole in space, enter and never be seen again. I will not be visiting there anytime soon. So I guess the photo did what a masterfully crafted photo can do. It evokes my imagination and heightens my emotions instantly upon viewing it. Well worth viewing repeatedly.

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