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Cockfighter Portraits (Three Photos)

Cockfighter Portraits (Three Photos)

cockfighters13Photos © Lianne Milton

These images are from Lianne Milton’s ongoing portrait series on cockfighters. These portraits were photographed earlier this year in little towns just outside of San Miguel de Allende, a popular city for expats, artists, and the wealthy from Mexico City. Ironworkers here raise roosters to fight, while local police try to clampdown on the gambling from clandestine cockfighting. Cockfighting is legal in Mexico and popular throughout the country, but gambling during cockfights is illegal.

Above: Ronaldo Morales, 12, cousin of a cockfighter, holds a winning rooster on his lap in the coop.


A teenage ironworker cradles a rooster in an iron shop.

Ironworker Miguel Lopez holds his prize-winning rooster. A light bulb warms a cockeral (a rooster chick) in the refrigerator.

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  1. Thats disgusting! As enlightened beings it is our responsibility to show them the error of their ways and legislate a new paradigm for their culture. We should pay for condoms and abortions to divert their attention from and alleviate their craving for this senseless violence!

  2. These are true testaments of a different style of life. They are absolutley amazing,
    In a world where poverty is rampant, these are equivalent to Friday Night Fights, or call it Monday Night Football. I find nothing offensive with these images…….AT ALL!

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