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Glitz & Grime

Glitz & Grime

whitenoise© David Hilliard, White Noise, 2009

Photographer David Hilliard constructs panoramic photographs by combining single images. Of his work, Hilliard writes, “Within the photographs physical distance is often manipulated to represent emotional distance. The casual glances people share can take on a deeper significance, and what initially appears subjective and intimate is quite often a commentary on the larger contours of life.”

This photograph is part of a new group show, “Glitz & Grime: Photographs of Times Square,” opening tonight at Yancey Richardson Gallery. Combining new work and vintage work, the show tracks the famous intersection with photographs from 1949–2009. The show features work by Robert Frank, Stephen Shore, Mitch Epstein, Lisa Kereszi, Philip-Lorca DiCorcia, Andrew Moore, Ben Mitchell and Lynn Saville among others.

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