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A Window View (Five Photos)

A Window View (Five Photos)


The view through a restaurant window in a small town in Germany.

All photos by Ted Kawalerski.


A street scene in Nairobi, photographed through a car window during a heavy rainstorm.


An airport tram in Orlando, Florida.


A view from the second floor of a courtyard-building in Versailles, France.

TimesSquareTimes Square, New York City.

All photos by Ted Kawalerski.  “This is a personal project about photographic compositions that involve windows as frames, dramatic backgrounds and reflections. Most of the photographs were made while I was traveling on commercial assignments around the world and just happened serendipitously,” says Kawalerski, an advertising and corporate photographer.  (An exhibit of images from an extended body of this work will be held at Calumet in New York City from October 19-29, 2009. In early November, the show moves to The Union League Cafe in New Haven, Connecticut.)

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  1. I find these window series photos by Ted Kawalerski very appealing. I see each one as presenting a personal story(ies) waiting to be told. The subtlety of how he has captured the people in these images is almost overlooked at first glance by the unique composition of each photo. The photos from Germany and Versailles reduce the individuals in each to a very small portion of the picture. But then you ask yourself why are they there. What put them there, alone, at that point in time.

    In the Orlando, Nairobi and Times Square photos the people are softer, less well defined. Why is that guy with the yellow slicker in the lower right corner, almost out of the frame, riding through the city in the pouring rain. Who are these young men in Nairobi standing by the doorway as they stare at the car with the photographer. Are the passengers on the airport tram looking forward to their trip to Mickey land, or does the somewhat blank stare of the figure in the foreground indicate a travel weariness we all experience.

    The concept behind these is interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing more and determining whether or not Mr. Kawalerski can sustain this visual interest.

    I’ve made a note of the October gallery show.

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