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Agua Sagrada

Agua Sagrada

© James Pomerantz

Images taken by James Pomerantz in Mexico at a cenote, a natural sinkhole that connects to a subterranean body of water. For the Mayans, the cenotes were sources of fresh water and were considered portals to the afterlife. Today they are frequented by tourists and locals who bathe in the cool water.

“The photographs were all made with a large format camera on an elevated ledge about 40 feet above the water,” Pomerantz says.

Pomerantz says, “The caves aren’t as dark as they appear in the photographs, but by exposing for the highlights I was able to isolate people in the bright sunlight to emphasize the sense of isolation and mystery.”

Two of the images from Pomerantz’s “Agua Sagrada” series appear in the exhibition “Hot Fun in the Summertime,” on view at Bonni Benrubi Gallery in New York from June 18 to September 5.

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