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Sarah Wilson: Blind Prom (Four Photos)

Sarah Wilson: Blind Prom (Four Photos)

All photos by Sarah Wilson courtesy Foley Gallery, NYC

For the students at the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, prom night is a momentous occasion. Since the spring season of 2006, Sarah Wilson has offered her professional services as the prom photographer for TSBVI. She remarks, “From the moment the girls began trying on their dresses in the dorm rooms, till the last dance at midnight, I was there taking pictures, fully immersed in a familiar teenage excitement and energy. For many of the kids this was the most formal event they had ever attended. It was Prom, and it was a big deal.”

Blind Prom focuses on an American right of passage, the high school prom. Throughout the night she captures candid moments of the prom attendees, while producing their formal portraits.

Sarah Wilson‘s Blind Prom project will be exhibited concurrently from May 28 to July 31 with Colby Katz‘s Beauty Pageants project at Foley Gallery, 547 West 27th Street, NYC.

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  1. Sarah–I just can’t get enough of these pictures, and I’d feel that way about it even if it wasn’t our school. I’m so pleased they are getting the attention they deserve. Be careful up there in NYC, and then get yourself back to Texas where you are most needed.

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