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Zing! Classic Advertising Photography, Circa 1962

Zing! Classic Advertising Photography, Circa 1962

Canada Dry ad
Inspired by the TV show Mad Men, which takes place at an early-1960s ad agency, we recently picked up a stack of old magazines from 1962. Here we present some of the advertisements we found. We scanned and color-corrected the ads to remove the yellowing effects of old paper. The names of the photographers who shot these ad campaigns are lost to history, but their work lives on in our gallery. (14 more images follow.)

Japan Air Lines

Vintage Coca Cola ad, 1962

1962 Chevrolet ad

Bell Telephone System ad

1960s Kodak ad


Heinz ad

Evinrude ad

Pepsi ad

Pontiac convertible ad

Falstaff ad

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  1. I was born in 1962 so this is especially interesting to me. It’s also interesting that when I was growing up, a person in their 20’s was so much more mature than today’s 20 somethings.

  2. Thanks for sharing these. I thought it interesting to see not only the change in approach to advertising… but the how the brands have changed/disappeared etc.

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