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20 Great Animal Portraits: A Sneak Peek at PDN Faces

20 Great Animal Portraits: A Sneak Peek at PDN Faces

We confess: Even when we’re knee-deep in producing a professional photo magazine, we’re easily distracted by pictures of cute animals. Here at PDN we’re conducting our second annual Faces contest, seeking today’s best portrait photographs. Below is a sneak peek at some early entries in the Animal Portraits category. These are not the winners of the Faces Contest. These are a few early favorites based on popular votes on the People’s Choice page. There’s still more great work being entered in Animal Portraits and the three other categories: Celebrity/Editorial Portraits (studio), Environmental Portraiture and Self-Portraits. The contest remains open for entries until April 7, 2009. Select winners will be exhibited at the PDN PhotoPlus International Expo from October 23 to 25, 2009 in New York City, and a winner’s gallery will appear in the December issue of PDN. To see more People’s Choice entries, or to enter the contest yourself, visit the PDN Faces portrait photo contest.

DuckPhoto by Camille Cier.

Cute dogPhoto by Michael Kloth: “Part of my ongoing series working with humane society animals.”

Cute licking dogPhoto by Ixiana Hernandez: “During a studio session Beanie showed me her magnificent tongue in a daring yet classy move:), it was my favorite shot of the session.”

Cat eyesPhoto by Pat Swain: “My friend, Hayla, has five cats. But this Oriental, Rex, looking at us is her soulmate.”

Boxer dogPhoto by MurphyDogStudios.com: “Chick the Boxer at four months old. Part of a series of images capturing the life of my boxer.”

Komodo DragonPhoto by Kurt W. Baumgartner: “A frontal face shot at eye level of a Komodo Dragon; taken in the wild on Komodo Island, Indonesia.”

Dog in bathtubPhoto by Michael C. Rathsam: “Captured during photo shoot of one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met.”

Rescue dogPhoto by Terry Berenson: “My dear friend Ellie, with one of her dozen rescue dogs, at her mountain home in Sedona, Arizona.”

BulldogPhoto by Lindsay Flanagan: “George, the French Bulldog, just moments after sticking his face in a muddy stream in Central Park.”

PuppyPhoto by Seung Hun Cha: “Waiting for his family in his apartment all day long…”

Cat on backPhoto by Jennie Warren.

KittenPhoto by Brooke Jacobs: “A thoughtful moment.”

HorsePhoto by Kelli Brinkley: “Guido doing his best camel inpersonation.”

Fish with fishing lurePhoto by Alexa Miller

Bunny rabbitPhoto by Mia A. Lalanne

Great white shark

Photo by Mike Raabe: “While on a trip to Guadalupe Island in Mexican waters, this female great white named “Snow White” got up close and personal, ultimately sticking her head into my cage to say HI!”

Dog in snowPhoto by Malia Rae

Black kittenPhoto by Michael Kloth: “Part of my ongoing series working with humane society animals.”

Dog in the snowPhoto by Lisa Shifflett: “Tally, waits with utmost patience for another shovelful of snow to be thrown on his face. March 3, 2009, New Jersey.”

Fluffy dogPhoto by Antonio Encarnacion: “It’s funny how a dog will pose for you when you flash a treat in front of the camera and just maybe crack a smile.”

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  1. I am starting a pet photo studio. I love these photos. They will be of great inspiration for me. If you have anymore pet photos please send me the link.

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