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Tom Arndt’s Black And White Photographs Of “Home”

Tom Arndt's Black And White Photographs Of "Home"

Minnesota State Fair, St. Paul, 1976

Home: Tom Arndt’s Minnesota is a book forty years in the making. These thirteen black and white images by the native Minnesotan are selected from among the 100 plates in his new book, what he calls “a poem to my home state.”

Minnesota is a beautiful place if you can appreciate flatness and don’t require intense conversation or jaw-dropping glamour. We don’t do so much of that here. We spend a good deal of time waiting for something to come along and usually it doesn’t.

—Garrison Keillor, from his Foreword to Tom Arndt’s Home

Bicentennial fete, Browerville, 1976

Out the bus window, Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, 1974

Portrait of a young woman, Minneapolis, 1977

Mother and Child, Kenosha apartments, Minneapolis, 1973

Waitress, lunch counter, Minneapolis, 1974

Como Park, St. Paul, 1975

Aunt Fud and Candy’s doghouse, Fergus Falls, 1973

Kids, Duluth, 1978

Linda, Minneapolis, 1967

Cheerleader, Patrick Henry High School, Minneapolis, 2006

Kids at the Minnesota State Fair, St. Paul, 1979

Precious, Minnesota State Fair, St. Paul, 1984

All photographs © Tom Arndt, from Home: Tom Arndt’s Minnesota. Foreword by Garrison Keillor, Introduction by George Slade. University of Minnesota Press, 2009.

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  1. Dear Tom,

    I was lucky to have taken a couple excellent classes from you at Film in the Cities in the early eighties. You did inspire me!!! Still shooting stills and producing, directing, and editing video. I finally got around to looking you up and glad I did. Nice work Tom.

    Jeff Lyman

  2. There are so many subtle elements, storied details, and emotional treasures in each one of these photos it would take at lest a 300 word essay to describe. Stay tuned.

    Thanks for the memories Tom,

  3. Tom,
    It was great to see some of the stuff from the good old days. Nice images as usual. Times like this when I wish some of the clock could be turn back if only for a little while. Great inspiration as usual!
    Keep it up….

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