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Zippo’s “Wasteland” Campaign

Ad credits:

Photographer: Tom Cwenar
Client: Zippo Manufacturing Co., Bradford, Pa.
Agency: BRUNNER, Pittsburgh
Executive Creative Director: Jay Giesen
Creative Director/Art Director: Dave Vissat
Copywriter: Eric Schlauch
Retouching: Dwight Pritchett, Pittsburgh

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  1. to tom: it occurs to me that you have never thought about the idea of smoking anything other than a cigarette. to that effect, many people smoke filterless cigarettes. even beyond that are people like myself who make a concerted effort not to leave cigarettes about. sure, its a small percentage, but its growing.

  2. Cigarette butts are made of cotton and biodegrade completely in an average of 18 months. Think about it, when’s the last time you saw a really old cigarette butt lying around? Also, one can smoke pot with a Zippo. They have a special model with a hole in the wind guard so you can suck the flame down into the bowl of a pipe. It has a silhouette of a pipe on it.

  3. cigarette buts are NOT made from cotton- many are made of fiberglass, which will decompose after a long long time. anyway, John Q said it all

  4. You’re both wrong. They’re not made from fiberglass (honestly, how does that myth survive? Everyone knows cigarettes are deadly, but honestly, fiberglass?) or cotton. They’re made from cellulose acetate (yes, that’s cellulose as in what trees are made of), and have been made of this for quite some time.

  5. Blogging and smoking are simmiler. arguably pointless,
    but it feels so fucking good that you know its right every time

  6. Swedishdwarf, ever take a look around at a stoplight and see the thousands of cigarette butts that have piled up next to the curb?

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