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Convoy During the Storm

Convoy During the Storm

Photograph by Afghan War Veteran, Christopher Vongsawat.

Vongsawat’s image is part of 2,191 Days and Counting: a benefit exhibition for the Iraq Veterans Against the War. Works will include James Nachtwey’s photographs from “The Sacrifice,” David Opdyke’s installation “Freedom,” Joyce Kozloff’s sculpture “Rocking the Cradle,” a Martha Rosler photomontage “Hooded Captives” and Joan Snyder’s painting “Iraqi Woman and Her Children”, along with pieces by veterans, Iraqi artists and emerging artists.

Curated by Maya Joseph-Goteiner and Chere Krakovsky, the exhibition opens with a colorful and energetic lineup of performances and lectures this Saturday March 7 at 6pm at the Powerhouse Arena. Not to be missed is Baba Israel and Yako’s beatbox performance.

All proceeds will be donated to the Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) Winter Soldier Project.

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