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Misty Hive

Misty Hive

Photo © Adam Makarenko

“Misty Hive is from the series called The Langstroth Range, which is derived from a narrative story that I developed of the same name The Langstroth Range is an imaginary place located in the Yukon Valley. It is a pseudo garden of Eden; it is untouched, unexploited, and unexplored. Within this mountainous region there are giant bees, rare flowers, and prehistoric bears. The Langstroth Range is essentially like a lost world. It is a place that has been left alone by people until one man named William Bjorn discovers the valley. He eventually exploits the area to turn a profit, and this ultimately leads to the giant bees demise. There is a rush to attain the golden honey of these bees, drawing a comparison to the Yukon Gold Rush.”

Adam Makarenko

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