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Pound Net Fisherman, Chesapeake Bay

Pound Net Fisherman, Chesapeake Bay

Photo by Cameron Davidson. Fisherman pull their catch of mullet from a pound net in the Chesapeake Bay near Fisherman’s Island, Virginia.

Davidson is selling prints of his aerial photographs and donating the profits to the Community Coalition for Haiti, an NGO where Davidson serves on the board. The money is used to buy seeds for farmers who lost their crops after a series of hurricanes, and to support an infant feeding program. Davidson says: “I’ve seen an incredible difference in some infants once they were started on this intense feeding program. One 9 month old girl was close to dead, and five weeks later her weight was doubled. It is an inexpensive program and the money goes a hell of a long way towards fighting malnutrition in these kids.” Learn more on Davidson’s blog.

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