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Inauguration spectators at the National Mall in Washington, D.C., January 20, 2009. Photo by David S. Holloway/ Reportage by Getty Images. Holloway writes:

“i went to the mall just to be there. i was hanging out with friends and shooting some pictures, just documenting the moment for myself. the energy was incredible. i talked to strangers from all over. they shared their joy. they told me they love my city. they talked about hope. they talked about this change in America like people talk about their salvation. this is a religious experience. from the moments before Obama came out, through the swearing in and his speech this amazing thing happened, i noticed all of these people sharing this common gesture. they were raising their hand to shield their eyes from the midday sun as they tried to catch a glimpse of him on the jumbotrons. it reminded me of other religious gestures. to them this was what they had been waiting for, this was the second coming. on this day at this moment, the faithful raised a hand to shield their gaze and witnessed a majestic moment. i’m not a believer, but i know this is what my city needs right now. i feel blessed to have been there.”

See more images from the inauguration crowd on Holloway’s blog.

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