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Ultra Rigs of the World: Japanese “Art Truck”

Ultra Rigs of the World: Japanese "Art Truck"

Photo by Roger Snider. Snider has been photographing custom big rigs since 2005, when he began shooting stills for the documentary film “Big Rig.” He is currently working on a book project shooting amazing trucks all over the world. He writes:

“This was shot in Aichi Japan at a Truck Show for kids May 5 during the end of ‘Golden Week’ last year. The man pictured here is the owner of the truck which is a customized refrigerated delivery truck. He put about $100K American into getting it just right. It’s actually pouring down rain (you can see the rain drops in the foggy area on the right side of the image) and I am holding an umbrella over my Mark II while shooting this 8 sec exposure…. Aichi is a small farm town in the middle of nowhere, but 300 of these ‘Art Trucks’ from various truck clubs showed up to help fund-raise for less fortunate kids.”

See more of Snider’s photos of Japanese Art Trucks here.

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  1. Wow, what an amazing site! I had no idea of these kind of trucks were on the road! Do they hail stuff or are they just for show? Seems like a good children’s book idea. Any offers yet?

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