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American Parenthood, Before and After

There are no children in Dona Schwartz’s two-part book On the Nest, out in November from Kehrer Verlag in the U.S. Instead, Schwartz’s photos and accompanying interviews make a sort of parenthesis around parenthood—one set shows nervous and excited parents-to-be in the spaces they’ve prepared for babies; the other depicts parents whose kids have moved […]

Past Photos of the Day

© Deana Lawson/Courtesy of Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago
Deana Lawson’s “Mama Goma, Gemena, DR Congo,” 2014, from her show at The Art Institute of Chicago. © Deana Lawson/Courtesy of Rhona Hoffma...

Deana Lawson’s Intimate Myths

October 15, 2015 Fine Art
© Anne de Vries
Forecast, 2011, a 3D-rendered HD video of photos of clouds from Anne de Vries's solo exhibition at Foam. © Anne de Vries

Anne de Vries Prints It

October 13, 2015 Fine Art
© Traer Scott
Dutch, a two-year-old pit bull, from "Finding Home: Shelter Dogs and Their Stories" by Traer Scott, published by Princeton Architectural Press 20...

Revisiting “Shelter Dogs”

October 12, 2015 Animals
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