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Indian Cinemas (10 Photos)

Indian Cinemas (10 Photos)


Alka Theater II, Jaipur, India 2010


In the Spring of 2010 and 2011, photographer Katherine Newbegin traveled alone to India where she began a series on cinemas. Most were still currently in use at the time Newbegin photographed them. But in the larger, more developed cities, she says these aging cinemas were harder to find because they are disappearing rapidly in favor of the new mega-plexes, which do not have to pay taxes for 3 years.


Alka Theater, Agra, India 2010


Besent Talkies, Agra, India 2010


Excelsior Cinema, Dehli, India 2010


Moonlight Cinema, Kolkata, India 2010


Naaz Cinema I, Mumbai, India 2011


New Excelsior Cinema, Mumbai, India 2011


Untitled, Agra, India 2011


Prabhat Cinema, Kolkata, India 2010


West End Cinema II, Delhi, India 2010


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